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Welcome Lexi, your AI companion for the Lexer CDXP. Lexi will help you perform tasks and analyze your data in the Hub. Discover how Lexi can streamline your tasks, gain insights, and learn how to set it up for a personalized experience.

Lexi AI and Attribute Analysis

Lexi doesn't analyze all attributes. Specifically, it doesn't process personal information that shouldn't be shared like names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, or any customer identifiers such as Customer ID or Loyalty ID. This ensures the protection and security of personal data.

Where can I find Lexi?

Lexi can currently help in 3 main areas:

  1. Explore attributes in the segment builder
  2. Using Lexi for attribute comparison
  3. Tracking metrics with Lexi
  4. Contact

1. Explore attributes in the segment builder

Lexi provides a summary of attributes, making data exploration a breeze. 

To access this analysis, navigate to Understand > Segment. By default this will open up the Explore Attributes tab. 

Search for an attribute you would like to analyze and click on it to open up the attribute summary page. 

At the top of Analysis you will see Lexi’s analysis of the data within this attribute. Lexi’s analysis here will vary based on the attribute you have selected. 

2. Using Lexi for attribute comparison

Attribute comparison is one of the best ways to get valuable insights out of your data in the CDP. Lexi makes this even easier, you don’t need to be a data scientist to understand the data, Lexi creates outputs that are business focused and easy to understand making spotting trends and outliers in the data a breeze. 

You can find this in the Explore attributes section of the Hub too. Navigate to Understand > Segment. By default this will open up the Explore Attributes tab. Click on the Comparison tab. 

In the comparison page, you will need to compare two attributes. Lexi’s analysis here will vary based on the attributes you are comparing. In the example below we are comparing Average Order Value and First Order: Product name, we can see a Volume analysis and Cohort Benchmark. The Volume analysis summarizes the distribution of the comparison highlighting points of interest in your data, while the Cohort benchmark provides an analysis of the relationship between the two variables discussing potential focal points to action. 

3. Tracking metrics with Lexi

Lexi can also help you keep an eye on your key metrics in Track. 

  1. Navigate to Measure > Track. Open up the metrics tab. 
  1. Find and click on a metric to open up the summary page. Underneath the line graph at the top of the page you will see Lexi’s analysis. Lexi’s analysis here will vary based on the attributes you are comparing. 

Stay tuned, Lexi will be showing up more and more throughout your Hub to give you a helping hand. 

Personalizing Lexi

Needs update for screenshots

One of Lexi's greatest features is its capacity to personalize responses based on your brand values, mission, objectives, department, and seniority level. To unlock even more customized and potent responses from Lexi, simply navigate to the Hub's settings and provide context.

To your seniority and department you need to update your account details:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Team
  2. Under My Account, you will see options for Seniority and Department
  1. From the dropdown, select options that reflect your position in the organization. 

To customize Lexi company wide:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Settings
  2. On the Left click on the “Lexi” tab. 
  1. From here you can choose the Business Objectives. Just tick those that are most relevant to your businesses current strategies and Lexi will do the rest! 

Providing Feedback

Like any AI model Lexi isn’t infallible, in its beta stage there may be some fumbles. To make sure you are helping guide Lexi in the right direction we would love your feedback. Your input matters! 

You can provide this feedback by:

  • Using the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons to rate Lexi's responses.
  • Leave short comments to share your thoughts.

Providing this feedback will help Lexi learn, shaping Lexi's development and making it an even more valuable tool for you!

Using Lexi Effectively

AI is a game changer. You can accomplish some incredible things using AI to supplement your work but it's best to treat the outputs with some caution. Lexi is no different. There may be some instances where the outputs are a little off or downright incorrect like all AI models. 

Make sure you: 

  • Read all outputs
  • Validate outputs
  • Use your judgment 

Although you should be a bit cautious, Lexi has the potential to provide you with a summary of insights into your data including outlier analysis. This should help you get the job done quicker and easier than ever before!

That's a wrap!

Lexi is here to revolutionize your experience within the Lexer CDXP. Whether you're a data enthusiast, marketer, or decision-maker, Lexi's insights will empower you. Stay tuned for updates as we continually enhance Lexi's capabilities. If you have any questions or need any help with Lexi, please reach out using the chatbot in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

April 29, 2024
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