Contact a customer

Send personalized 1-to-1 emails to your most valued customers

With Lexer Contact, you can create personalized 1-to-1 engagements with your most valuable customers. Ask for feedback, provide relevant product information, or introduce a small group of customers to special offers tailored for them. The opportunities are endless.

Getting started

To proactively contact a customer, you will need:

  1. An integrated email account
  2. Permission to contact profiles in your account
  3. A customer profile with an email address attribute

Segment your contact list

Start by searching for the customers you want to contact. We suggest starting with a very small group of valuable customers as you will be emailing them one at a time.

Customers that have recently been contacted can be excluded with the “Date of Last Engagement (Contact)” attribute.

Next, click a customer in your result to open their profile and click the 'Email ' button that appears under the Actions area. Note: if the button does not exist, you may not have completed the setup steps mentioned earlier in this article.

Craft your email

Finally, you craft and send your personalised message to the customer. You can insert emojis, rich text formatting, linked text, and templates to help provide consistent structure and language.

Capture customer replies

Customer replies to your emails will start appearing in the Respond inbox. Your inbox will need to be configured to pull in new emails sent to the email account you contacted from. Simply click a message in the inbox to continue the conversation.

Contact attributes

We know that you will want to create segments of customers who have been contacted on particular dates or by certain individuals in your team. When you send that initial proactive email, we automatically capture the following attributes:

Attribute Name

Attribute Description

First Contacted By (Contact)

Name of the user who first contacted the customer.

Last Contacted By (Contact)

Name of the user who most recently contacted the customer.

Contacted By (Contact)

Names of all users who have contacted the customer.

Date of First Engagement (Contact)

Date of first contact.

Date of Last Engagement (Contact)

Date of most recent contact.

Dates of Engagements (Contact)

List of dates that the customer has been contacted.

Channel of First Engagement (Contact)

Channel for the first contact with this customer. Currently this will always be Email.

Channel of Last Engagement (Contact)

Channel for the most recent contact with this customer. Currently this will always be Email.

Channels of Engagement (Contact)

List of channels that the customer has been contacted on. Currently this will always be Email.

Get in touch with your Success Manager or Support for more information about using Contact!

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