Customer segment CSV export

A guide to exporting your customer segments to CSV

Lexer Activate allows you to send your customer segments to 20+ integrations. If an integration with your chosen martech platform does not exist, you can also download segments as CSV files - direct to your browser. In this article, we’re going to guide you through configuring and downloading a CSV file.

When exporting CSV files using Activate, each download will contain a single value per attribute. This means aggregated attributes, like product purchases, will have only one value per record. For instance, if a customer purchased multiple products, only one product name will be downloaded.

What is a CSV file?

CSV stands for comma-separated value file, which allows data to be saved in a tabular format. CSV is a common data format and can be used for custom analysis or to import customer records into other platforms for activation. CSV files exported from Activate will create a column for each attribute you include in the file.

Enabling CSV exports

First things first! Your company’s Lexer account will have the CSV download ability enabled if your team has expressed interest in using this feature. Contact Lexer Support if you would like to enable this feature for your team. Enabling CSV Exports requires you to:

  1. Select the CSV Export tile.
  2. Toggle ‘Enable CSV Exports?’ and specify default attributes.
  3. Click Save Integration.

Configuring your CSV export

You can configure and download your CSV file through Activate:

  1. Click Activate New Audience.
  2. Select CSV Export.
  3. Add your Segment.
  4. Update the audience name (if necessary).
  5. Select the default Attributes that you would like to be available for download in your CSV file. You will need to have at lease one attribute selected.
  6. Agree to terms, and click Save activation config.

Exporting your CSV file via Activate

Now that we have set everything up, let's export a CSV file.

  1. Navigate to Engage > Activate.
  2. Click New activation.
  3. Select CSV Export.
  4. Choose which segment you would like to export. From this segment, only those default attributes that you have set up within the integration will be exported.
  5. Finish adjusting the settings for your export. Add the attributes you would like to export, decide whether you would like to append the activation name to include profiles, and determine whether you want and audience split.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions and click Run activation.

Download your file

  1. Navigate to Once-off activations and select the activation that you have created.
  2. The download may take some time to prepare, if the file is ready to download, click download.

Okay I’ve created my CSV export, what next?

You can observe the status of your CSV export by opening the activation detail column from Recent Activations. Once your CSV file is ready, you’ll receive a notification in the Hub (the bell icon) and via email (if you have selected this option). Either of these notifications will take you to Activate where you can download the CSV file.

January 10, 2024
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