News, blog, and forum data

How does Lexer consume news, blog, and forum content?

Lexer makes the ability to search news, blog, and forum content available to all users of Listen and Respond. We do this through a 3rd party data provider, and monitor key topics to bring in only content that is relevant to your business. Our data partner is actively monitoring thousands of news, blog, and forum webpages, and will only consume content from webpages that permit crawling.

What published content can Lexer provide?

We offer access to the following data sources:

Type Examples
News Articles & Comments,,,
Blog Posts & Comments,
Forums Posts & Comments,

Does Lexer include paywall content?

Lexer does not actively consume paywall content from news sites, however some publishers do make small snippets available, or previews of paywalled articles, that our data partner can occasionally consume.

September 19, 2022
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