Group permissions

Manage user permissions, product access, and team reporting with Groups

Permissions in Lexer are managed by Groups (users that belong to the same company), controlling the products you can use, your permission to respond or schedule content, and the customer data you have access to. Ensuring that your team is configured in the right Groups is essential for a great experience with Lexer and the following article will guide and the following article will guide you through the group permission management process.

Group Creation

Groups are created by Lexer based on your team structure, and are typically created when you first start working with Lexer. Your Success Manager will design your Groups based on your team structure and business requirements. Let's take a closer look at how Groups work in your Lexer Hub.

What do Groups control?

Groups control user access to all functions and features in Lexer, including:

  1. Access to Products and Features
  2. Access to Customer Profile and Attribute data in your CDP
  3. Enforce multi-factor authentication
  4. Manager permissions for your team
  5. Permission to manage segments, filters, classifications
  6. Permission to integrate accounts
  7. Permission to respond, schedule and approve responses

A user has access to the sum of permissions for each Group they belong to, and Groups can turn on/off each area of the product. For example, some users may have access to Segment, and other users may have access to Activate.

Groups also control permission to use specific features of these Products. For example, some users may have permission to integrate accounts and others may not.

Finally, Groups control access to attributes (properties on customer profiles). For example, some users may have limited access to data that is about e-commerce or CRM or a single brand.

Group updates

That's it for Group permission! We're happy to update your Groups if they're not working for you, just reach out to Lexer Support at [email protected] for help!