Activate overview

Send audiences to all your marketing and advertising channels

Activate connects your Lexer audiences to all your marketing and advertising channels seamlessly, securely, and in real-time, allowing for highly measurable campaigns.

In this article we'll show you how to activate an audience.

Activating an audience


Select your channel

Click Activate New Audience to get started. Then select which of your integrated channels you'd like to send your audience to.

Each of your activation accounts are grouped by their channel and can be selected by clicking their name.

Define your audience

Your audience is defined by segments. This step allows you to add in one or more segments as inclusions or exclusions for your audience.

For example, you could decide to include "All Customers" while excluding both the "Recently Purchased Products" and "Opted Out" segments to define an audience of people you want to target for a new product launch. The summary stats at the bottom will illustrate the final audience count.

Large audiences require approval
That’s right - for audiences over 3,000,000 identities, we need to be sure that you actually intend to send that information to prevent any unnecessary processing. So as a second step of authentication we’ll require you to get in touch with Lexer Support:

Configure your audience

Now, before we send our audience, we have a few additional options to select.

  1. Define the name of your audience that will be used in your integrated account (i.e. your Facebook audience will have this same name).
  2. Next, we can choose to create a new audience, or append this group of customers to an audience we already have configured.
  3. Auto-updating your activation allows you to keep this audience updated by adding and removing customers as they enter or leave your defined segments. This is super valuable for maintaining your BAU audiences in channels like Facebook and can save you heaps of time!
  4. Notifications can be turned on for each activation, sending an email to you (the person creating the audience) when the audience has either successfully, or unsuccessfully, finished sending from Lexer.
  5. Appending measurement attributes to your audience is the final, and maybe most valuable, configuration option you can enable. Leaving this checked will add four new attributes to the profiles included in your audience. These attributes are audience name, which audiences they have been included in, account name, and channel they have been sent to. We strongly suggest leaving this enabled!

Activation Status

Once you've clicked "Run Activation", the status of your activation will update as it progresses.

  1. New: your audience has been submitted and is waiting to send.
  2. Running: your audience is in the process of sending to your chosen integrated account.
  3. Completed: your audience has successfully been sent from Lexer to its destination.

If you want to make your current activations easier to find, and to reduce the clutter in your activation lists, you can archive unused activation audiences.


It's a simple process, and we've outlined the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Engage > Activate.
  2. In the Activations section, click on once-off activations and then select the activation you would like to archive.
  3. Select archive audience and you're done!

Your archived activation audiences can be found by ticking the Archived Activations filter under the once-off activations tab (see the screenshot below).


For now, you can only archive once-off activations. To archive an ongoing activation you have to stop the activation from running. It will then move into the once-off activations section and you can archive it from there.

Activate, overviewed

That's the process for sending audiences to all your marketing and advertising channels. Just follow the steps above and if you get stuck or confused please don't hesitate to reach out to your Success Manager or Support ( for more information.

September 23, 2022
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