Routing customer replies

Automatically reroute a customer reply to the right agent

Reducing the number of agents involved in a case leads to faster resolution times, more contextual responses, and increased customer satisfaction. This is why we allow your team to enable reply rerouting to online agents so they have the opportunity to respond before others in your team pick up the conversation.

Rerouting replies allows you to direct new messages to the Mine tab of online agents if they were the last person from your team to respond, provided they are currently online. Once that agent goes offline all of their unclaimed messages are put back into the New queue.

How it works

  1. New replies will appear in your Mine tab if you’re online
  2. New replies will display in bold until claimed
  3. Switching offline will move your messages back into the New queue

Let’s explore how we reroute new customer replies into your Mine inbox when you’re online.


Cases help us track the last agent to respond in a conversation, which is relevant as we nominate this agent as the person to reroute a new customer reply to. Messages in an open case will also display this agent’s name on the preview you see in the inbox. A message currently assigned to an agent will display their name next to a profile icon. A new message in reply to an agent will show their name next to an arrow (reply) icon.

Now that we know which agent should be assigned a message, we need to understand who is available.

Agent presence

Rerouting new messages to agents is only useful if they are online to action them. We’ve introduced the concept of ‘agent presence’ which keeps track of the online status of your team. You’re automatically ‘online’ once you log in, and will go offline if you:

  1. log out
  2. switch to ‘offline’
  3. go idle for 30 minutes

Agent presence is visible in the dropdown in the navigation bar, the assignment dropdown on a message, and the team list when you submit a response for approval. You can toggle your status from the navigation bar.

Lexer tip!
Team members will go ‘offline’ after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Rerouted messages

As customers respond to your messages, their replies will be rerouted to your Mine tab instead of the New tab. An unread indicator (black circle) will appear when there are new unclaimed messages. Clicking on these messages will claim ownership and update their state to Assigned.

Messages rerouted to your Mine tab will display in the Team tab for others, preventing someone else in your team from picking up the message while you’re online. Once you go offline all of your unclaimed (new) messages will be moved back to the New queue for the team to start actioning. We suggest going offline at the end of your shift and during lunch breaks. Online duration is not tracked in Activity.

Enable for your team

Managers can enable this feature from the Workflow tab in Settings. Simply check the box and save. Users require the ‘edit team’ permission to update Workflow settings.

Lexer tip!
Your team will need to refresh their browser when this setting is updated.
September 19, 2022
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