Authentication and API token creation

Lexer APIs leverage bearer tokens as a primary form of authentication. Tokens can be generated from within the Lexer Hub. 

Create an API token

To create an API token within the Hub, navigate to Manage > Integrations

1. Click on the API Tokens tile. 

2. Once open, click on New API Token

3. Fill out the details in the API Token Settings, agree to the terms and conditions, and Save

Once you provide a description and click Save, the token will be made visible to you. Ensure you save the token at this point because it cannot be viewed again.

Using your API tokens 

Please note: 

  • Your account can have up to 5 active API tokens.
  • The rate limit for each API key is set to 10 requests per second. It can be increased for your use cases by contacting support at Error 429 will indicate an exceeded rate limit. 

We recommend creating API tokens for each unique use. Each token can be scoped for specific types of activity and revoked at any time to limit access to the APIs and underlying data in the Lexer CDXP.

All APIs have the option for IP Whitelisting as a secondary layer of security, some APIs, like Profile Read API, have a mandatory requirement for an IP Whitelist.

That’s a wrap on Authentication

More information about authentication with API tokens can be found here

September 19, 2022
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