Smart Search

Create more specific and relational segments using Product and Order data

Smart Search is a new Product and Order segmentation tool to help you create more specific and relational segments. In this article you will learn the difference between Smart Search’s filters and Lexer’s existing search capability with Attributes.

Example of a Smart Search using the Product Purchased option in Segment.

Attributes vs Smart Search

Lexer’s Attributes take information about a customer and store it in a way that makes it easy for segmentation. This information is analyzed and stored as distinct facts about the customer that allow for lightning fast segmentation but has limitations when it comes to creating relational style queries. For example, using Attributes, we are unable to search for customers that have spent $100 at the Emporium store, we’re only able to search for customers that have either spent $100 or made a purchase from that store.

That's how it works with Attributes, but with our new, precise search tools you can segment customers based on the specific details of their transactions. For example, we can now find customers that spent $100 at the Emporium store. In addition to this, we can match this criteria within a particular date range, such as customers who made transactions in the last 30 days. Adding purchase date information in campaign segments allows you to find and engage your most relevant customers.

Smart Searching in Practice

Let’s have a look at these new search tools in practice. Say we want to know how many customers purchased Nike’s Flex Shirt in Blue in August 2021 from our Emporium store. Open the search bar, click on the Product Purchased option in the Smart Search section, and start adding your filters. For this example we would use the following filters:

  • Product Name: Flex Shirt
  • Brand: Nike
  • Color: Blue
  • Store: Emporium
  • Purchase Date: 1st - 31st August 2021

That’s it! Now you know everyone who purchased Nike’s shirt from Emporium in August. It’s that easy!

Here is where you'll find your Smart Search options in Segment.

Search Capabilities

Here are some other ways you can use these search tools in the product and order categories:

  • Customers whose first purchase was at a particular store.
  • Customers who have spent more than $500 in a single order.
  • Customers who purchased youth products in December.
  • Customers who have only purchased online.
  • Customers who bought size 10 last January with a discount.
  • Customers who purchased more than 5 items in a single order last year.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Smart Search:

  • Is Smart Search available for free? Yes, all accounts upgraded to our latest technology stack will have Smart Search added to Segment. Ask your Success Manager about our capability if you don't have access in your Hub.
  • Is Smart Search only available for Product and Order Attributes? Yes, our current capability only supports querying Product and Order events. We will be exploring options to add other types of customer data in the future.
  • Can we add fields to our Smart Search data? Yes, we can add Product and Order fields that are unique to your business. This information needs to be provided in the data you supply to Lexer. Ask your Success Manager for more information.
  • Does Smart Search change how I view a segment? No. Smart Search enhances how you define segments, allowing you narrow your search to a more specific set of customers based on their purchase activity. It does not change how you view the results of a segment.
  • Can I see these Product and Order events in my Attributes results? No. The relational Product and Order data is only stored on your customer profiles for the purpose of building segments. It is not displayed in the Attribute results or on the Profile.
  • Can I search across multiple Product or Order events? No, the filters in your Product Purchased or Order queries are looking at the details of a particular transaction. For example, you can find customers who have spent $500 in a single order, however you cannot find customers who have spent $500 across multiple orders.

Smart Searches

Smart Search is a segmentation tool to help you create more specific and relational segments. Following our guide here, you can begin to create sophisticated queries in our segment builder. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support and client success teams at [email protected] and [email protected]

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