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The Attentive API is currently in beta - if you are reading this, thank you for taking your time to test it out for us 😊
As with all beta tests, not everything will be perfect. If you run into any issues, please let your Success team member know!

Why integrate with Attentive?

Attentive is a text message marketing solution. Brands wanting to give customers an engaging and memorable experience can achieve this through the Attentive and Lexer integration, leveraging the power of Lexer's CDXP.

In this article, we’ll walk you through integrating your Attentive account with Lexer, allowing you to execute authentic omnichannel experiences and personalized SMS marketing campaigns to drive sales and engagement through our enriched profiles.

Benefits of an Attentive Integration

Integrating your Attentive account with Lexer provides a number of SMS related benefits, such as:

  • Leverage enriched customer profiles and segments
  • Deliver better omnichannel experiences

Integration in a nutshell

Here's a summary of how Attentive integrates with Lexer:

What direction does the data flow?

✅ Data in: SMS attributes to enrich profiles.
✅ Data out: Enriched customer segments ready for activation.

The type of customer data that Lexer is ingesting.


Source method
How the system connects with Lexer.

🚫 Manual
✅ Batch File / SFTP
🚫 Automated

Destination method
How Lexer connects with the system.

🚫 Manual
🚫 Batch File / SFTP
🚫 Automated

Is this integration live and working?

🚫 Full release
✅ Beta
🚫 In development
🚫 Not maintained

Lexer product compatibility
What Lexer products is the integration compatible with?

✅ Segment
✅ Activate
✅ Compare
✅ Track
🚫 Respond
🚫 Listen
🚫 Serve

What attributes are created when Attentive is integrated with Lexer?

✅ Subscribed to SMS List
✅ Unsubscribed to SMS List
✅ SMS Opt-In Status
✅ SMS Subscribe Date
✅ SMS Send Date
✅ Number of SMS Sent
✅ Last SMS Send Date
✅ Number of SMS Clicked
✅ SMS Click Dates
✅ Last SMS Click
✅ SMS Click Rate
✅ SMS Campaigns Sent
✅ SMS Campaigns Clicked

Connecting your Attentive integration to Lexer

To set up your Attentive integration, you will need your Attentive account details.

Start by going into the Manage > Integrations tab on the Lexer Hub:

  1. Find and click the Attentive tile.
  2. Click Integrate Attentive.
  3. If you’re not currently logged in to Attentive, a pop up will appear prompting you to log in using your account details. If you have logged in, skip to the next step.
  1. A popup will appear asking you to connect your Attentive and Lexer accounts. Scroll to the bottom and click Authorize.
  2. If the connection is successful, your Attentive account should appear at the bottom of the side panel.

Requesting SFTP access from Attentive

Once your account is connected on the Lexer Hub, you will need an SFTP bucket for us to make sure data in both Lexer and Attentive stays in sync.

If you connect your Attentive account but there is no SFTP bucket connected, you will eventually run into this error:

The easiest way is to request an SFTP instance from your Attentive CSM, and they will set this up for you. Once they’ve done so, we will need the SFTP credentials to complete the setup. You can either choose to:

  • Get the SFTP credentials from Attentive then provide it to us.
  • Tell Attentive to provide the SFTP credentials to us directly.
  • Get the SFTP credentials from Attentive, then enter the credentials yourself as below:
  1. Find and click the Attentive tile on Manage > Integrations.
  2. Click on the invalid Attentive integration.
  3. Under SFTP Account Authentication, add the SFTP credentials as provided by Attentive in the Username and Password fields.
  4. In Groups, add Access: Integrations (you may need manager permissions to do this).
  5. Press Save Integration at the bottom.

Once the SFTP setup is done, we will notify you that your data has been loaded in. This means you can now create segments using your Attentive data and push them through an activation.

Setting up an Attentive activation

Once your Attentive account has been integrated with Lexer, you can now push segments as profiles on Attentive so you can set up your personalized SMS campaigns!

Prior to running an activation, ensure that the above steps are complete:

  • Connecting your Attentive and Lexer accounts on the Hub.
  • Attentive have set up SFTP.
  1. Navigate to Engage > Activate on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click New Activation on the left.
  3. Find Attentive and click the integration underneath the logo that you want to activate to.
  4. The Segments column will appear. Select the segments that you wish to send to Attentive. The number of profiles sent will appear on the bottom of that column.
  5. Fill in the Settings column:
    1. Activation Name –- give you activation a name.
    2. Activation Tag — this is the name of the segment on Attentive.
    3. Check the Ongoing Activation box if you want this activation to run daily, and check the Notify me box if you wish to be notified of when it runs.
    4. Attentive Fields — This is the field that Attentive will match the Lexer profiles on. Make sure that both the Attribute and Attentive Field are the same.
      • The default matching Attribute is Mobile, but contact your Success team member if you wish to also match by Email or both.
    5. Segment Action — choose to Maintain, Append or Remove the profiles from the audience.
    6. Measurement - choose whether to append the activation name as an attribute to the included profiles. If ticked, you can create a segment in Understand > Segment with profiles that are part of this activation in future.
    7. Audience Split — if your activation is for a new list, appends to existing audiences, and is not ongoing, you may choose to split the list for A/B testing.
  6. Agree to the terms and click Run Activation.

You can see the status of the activation at the bottom after it starts running. Once complete, these profiles will appear as a segment on Attentive under the Activation Tag you set above.

Connecting your Attentive account with Lexer

Congratulations, You’re all set to create great campaigns in Attentive using Lexer. We've gone through what Attentive is, the type of integration it is, its benefits, and how to integrate and activate it. There's a lot of steps to follow here and if you feel stuck or confused please don't hesitate to reach out to Lexer Support ([email protected]) if you need any help.

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