TikTok Ads (beta)


The TikTok Ads integration is currently in beta. If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to test it out for us. 😊
As with all beta tests, not everything will be perfect. If you run into any issues, please let your Success team member know!

Connect your TikTok Ads account with Lexer

TikTok is a social media platform that allows content creators to produce short videos to entertain, inform, or engage with viewers. As a marketing tool, TikTok can also match ads to viewers’ preferences, helping brands to achieve better visibility through more targeted advertizing.

Benefits of a TikTok Ads integration

With Lexer’s integration with TikTok, you can:

  • Create segments in Lexer to push to TikTok and reach your target audience.
  • Improve ROI on TikTok paid social through better targeting.

Integration in a nutshell

What direction does the data flow?

⬜️ Data in: N/A - Lexer does not take in data from TikTok.
✅ Date out: Enriched customer segments for lookalike audiences in TikTok.

Lexer’s integration with this product allows you to pull data into the hub from these sources.


Source method
How the system connects with Lexer.


Destination method
How Lexer connects with the system.


Is this integration live and working?

✅ Beta

Lexer product compatibility
What Lexer products is the integration compatible with?

✅ Activate
⬜️ Compare
⬜️ Listen
⬜️ Respond
⬜️ Segment
⬜️ Serve
⬜️ Track

Integrating your TikTok account

Integrating your TikTok account is easy, and we’ve outlined the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Manage > Integrations, and then scroll down the page until you find the TikTok tile.
  2. Click Integrate TikTok.

  1. A popup will appear asking you to log in to your TikTok for Business account. Once you have done so, scroll down the pop up and press Confirm.

  1. You will be taken back to the Hub, and you can now click Add Integration in the bottom right.

Your TikTok Ads account is now integrated with Lexer!

Activating to TikTok

You’re now just a few steps away from sending audiences to TikTok!

  1. Navigate to Engage > Activate.
  2. Then click on New Activation.
  3. A column will appear on the right. Find and click TikTok. By default you can match with either Email or Mobile, so simply choose which one is best for your use case.

  1. Another column will then appear on the right. Search for, and then add, the segment you wish to activate. In the below example we have chosen Male Millennials. At the bottom of this column you will be able to see how many profiles you’re sending to TikTok.

  2. Next, fill in your activation settings:

    1. Enter a Name for your activation.
    2. Then select whether you want to Create a new list in TikTok, or Update an existing list.
    3. Select whether you want the activation to be Ongoing (i.e. hands-free, runs every day) and whether to Notify you when it runs.
    4. Next, select your audience action. In most cases you’ll just want to maintain your list.
    5. For Measurement, choose whether to append the activation name as an attribute to the included profiles. If ticked, you can create a segment in Understand > Segment with profiles that are part of this activation in the future.
    6. Audience Split. If your activation is not ongoing and you are appending the audience, you may choose to split the audience for A/B testing.
  3. Agree to the terms and click Run Activation.

Finding your custom audience on TikTok

Activated segments appear as custom audiences in TikTok, which you can then use when creating campaigns or ads.

You can find them in the TikTok Ads Manager, under Assets > Audiences.

You can see all the custom audiences listed. Please note that audiences need to be at least 1,000 profiles to be used.

Connecting your TikTok Ads account with Lexer

Congratulations, your account should now be integrated and ready to activate in Lexer! We've gone through what TikTok Ads is, the type of integration it is, its benefits, and how to integrate and activate it. There's a lot of steps to follow here and if you feel stuck or confused please don't hesitate to reach out to Lexer Support ([email protected]) if you need any help.

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