Connecting your Twitter account

You can integrate a Twitter account with Lexer, allowing Lexer to consume all Tweets and Direct Messages made by, and sent from your account.

In this article we’ll show you how to integrate your account for the first time, and to re-integrate your account, should it become disconnected.

Integrating your Twitter account

When integrating your Twitter account, you will be prompted to login using the account’s handle and password - make sure you have these handy before you get started.

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Once you've added your account details, simply click ADD INTEGRATION at the bottom of the screen.

Your account will now be fully integrated, and we will start consuming all content produced by, and sent to the handle. You can continue to monitor the status of your integration from this page, and we’ll alert you via email, should the integration become disconnected at any stage.

Integrating your Twitter Ads account

Like your Twitter account, your Twitter Ads account requires you to enter the necessary Twitter handle and password. Ensure the Twitter account you’re using has a Twitter Ads account linked to it first. Follow this guide if you’re unsure.


Once you have added in your Ads account details, simply click ADD INTEGRATION at the bottom of the screen.

Once your account has been integrated, we can build an activation with Lexer Activate, permitting you to send tailored audiences to Twitter.

Re-integrating your accounts

Sometimes we can lose connection to your accounts due to a change of password, or another easy to fix problem. We’ll alert admins by email as soon as this happens, and ask them to follow a few quick prompts to reconnect. All users can check the status of their integrations at any time via a colored status symbol in Settings > Integrations (Green = connected, Red = re-integrate now).

Re-integrating your account is a speedy process.