Service integrations - Instagram data

How does Lexer connect with Instagram?

Lexer integrates directly with both the Pages and Marketing APIs provided by Meta (Meta own Instagram).

In this article, we’ll explain what data we currently support through these APIs, and how they might impact your work in Lexer.

Instagram for insight and customer service

Lexer can monitor posts, comments, messages, and @mentions of your integrated Instagram Business account. You can also subscribe to #hashtags for monitoring on behalf of your integrated accounts.

Instagram Business accounts

You can integrate your Instagram Business accounts with Lexer to monitor the posts, comments and mentions of your account in Listen or Engage.

Connecting with Instagram requires that your account has been upgraded to an Instagram Business Account.

Once your account has been integrated with Lexer, we can consume the following:

  • Posts from your account
  • Comments on your posts
  • Direct messages
  • @mentions or @tags of your account
  • Ad posts and Comments (requires Facebook Ad account)

Instagram does not support comment replies (comments on comments).


Lexer can consume public Instagram posts that include a hashtag Lexer is actively monitoring.

The hashtag must be used at time of publishing for Lexer to consume it. If the hashtag is added retrospectively, Lexer will not consume the post. You can subscribe to monitor hashtags from Integrate using your integrated Instagram Business account.

For information on integrating your Instagram account, read our article on connecting your Instagram account.

Lexer Schedule and Instagram

There is no Schedule support for publishing Instagram posts, as this functionality to publish content to Instagram via a 3rd party like Lexer is in a closed beta. Lexer will support this as soon as it becomes available.

September 23, 2022
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