Cheetah Digital

Connecting your Cheetah Digital account with Lexer

Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement platform providing data, marketing, and loyalty solutions for modern marketer. In this article, we'll show you how to connect your Cheetah Digital account with Lexer to sync contacts and engagement data, as well as send back Lexer Segments into customer and segment tables in Cheetah Digital.

How do I connect my accounts?

Connection between Cheetah Digital and Lexer is maintained with an SFTP, which is hosted by Lexer. To connect to your Lexer SFTP you will need to first make a public and private SSH key pair. Read this guide if you're unsure how to make a pair.

Once you have your key pair, you will need to set up the Lexer SFTP within Cheetah Digital. You can follow their guide here. Cheetah refers to SFTP as FTP, but they are one and the same in this context.

Configuring your Cheetah FTP

When setting up in Cheetah you will need to enter an FTP URL, user name, and your newly created Private Key file.

User nameYour Lexer hub name - contact Lexer Support if unsure

Configuring your Lexer SFTP

Once you've finished setup in Cheetah, navigate back to your Lexer Hub to complete the connection.

  1. Navigate to MANAGE > INTEGRATIONS
  2. Find the SFTP tile, and click on it
  3. Click ADD IP ADDRESS. A popup will appear, please enter:
    1. Name: Cheetah Digital (Messaging CMS)
    2. IP address:
  5. Now click ADD SSH PUBLIC KEY. A popup will appear, please enter:
    1. Name: Cheetah Digital (Messaging CMS)
    2. Paste in your public key created earlier

You have now successfully connected your Cheetah Messaging hub to your Lexer SFTP!


Manage > Integrations > SFTP tile > Add IP address > Save IP address > Add SSH Public Key > Save SSH public key

If you have any issues setting up SFTP on the Hub, please contact Lexer support.

Integrate Cheetah Digital with Lexer

Once the SFTP connection setup is complete, we can integrate Cheetah Digital with Lexer so you can create segments or create activations on the Lexer Hub. To do this, our team needs to first set up the activation configurations.

  1. As a one-off, contact Lexer requesting a Cheetah Digital integration.
  2. By default, we will connect Cheetah Digital using the EMAIL, CUSTOMER ID, and FIRST NAME fields. These are the fields that will be exported between Lexer and Cheetah Digital. If there are any additional fields you want to export to Cheetah Digital, you will also need to contact the Cheetah Digital team with your request.
  3. We will contact you as soon as the setup is complete.

Our team will have created two configurations: SEGMENT SYNC and CREATE A SEGMENT.

  1. SEGMENT SYNC reconciles the data between Lexer and Cheetah Digital, and runs twice a day.
  2. CREATE A SEGMENT will allow you to create segments in ENGAGE > ACTIVATE.

You will be able to see these configurations on the Lexer Hub if you navigate through the Cheetah Digital integration box: MANAGE > INTEGRATIONS > CHEETAH DIGITAL > CURRENT INTEGRATIONS > YOUR INTEGRATION > ACTIVATION CONFIGURATIONS. However, you will not need to manually configure these yourself.


The final step

Once you've added your Cheetah Digital account credentials to the Cheetah Digital tile in the Hub, please contact your Success Manager, or Lexer Support ([email protected]) to complete your Cheetah Digital set up and configuration.

Activating audiences into Cheetah

After our team has worked their magic, you can create activations to send Lexer segments for your campaigns on Cheetah Digital!


Engage > Activate > New activation > Create a segment > Select segment > Fill in activation settings > Check Ts & Cs > Run activation

  1. Navigate to ENGAGE > ACTIVATE.
    1. Under ONGOING ACTIVATIONS, you will see the SEGMENT SYNC activation which our team has set up. Please do not stop this activation!
  3. Under Cheetah Digital, click CREATE A SEGMENT.
  4. Select the segment you wish to activate. To learn how to create segments, refer to this article here.
  5. Fill in the activation settings.
    1. Name your activation. Whatever you enter here will be sync'd to Cheetah Digital.
    2. Optionally, you can set this activation to ONGOING. This will ensure Lexer maintains the Segment in Cheetah Digital.
    3. You do not need to CREATE A NEW FIXED VALUE, our team will help configure this if necessary.
      4. Please leave the APPEND ACTIVATION checkbox checked.
    4. Optionally, you can choose to do an Audience Split for testing. In Cheetah Digital, these two segments will show up as Segment Name (A) and Segment Name (B), where Segment Name is the name of the segment you defined above.
  6. Check the Ts & Cs and click RUN ACTIVATION.