Connect your dotdigital account

Connect your dotdigital account with Lexer to enrich your CDP profiles with engagement data, then use Activate to create, update and enrich Address Books in your dotdigital Engagement Cloud.

Benefits of a dotdigital integration

  • Import your contacts as enriched profiles
  • Send customer email lists for marketing campaigns

How do I integrate my account?

To connect your dotdigital account with Lexer, you will need to create an API user within dotdigital, this will, in turn, generate an API URL, username (email) and password which you can then enter in Lexer.

This guide from dotdigital will help you.

  1. Select the dotdigital tile
  2. Click Integrate dotdigital
  3. Enter the name of the dotdigital account you're connecting
  4. Paste in your API URL
  5. Enter your newly created API username (email address) and password
  6. Click Save Integration

Sending a Segment to dotdigital

When activating to dotdigital you can create a new Address Book or update an existing one. We use the Activation Tag field to create the Address Book name. It will also create a boolean field on all contacts within that Address Book, with the value set to TRUE when they are included in the Segment. This will allow you to quickly create dynamic segments in dotdigital.

Activating to dotdigital

  1. Click Activate new audience
  2. Select the appropriate dotdigital account for this activation
  3. Add your Segment
  4. Update the Activation Tag field - if you create an Address Book, this will become its name.
  5. Select if you want to create an Address Book, or update an existing one
  6. Agree to terms, and click Send Audience

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