Connect your Mr Yum account with Lexer

Mr Yum is a web-based mobile menu and ordering platform used by hospitality venues.

In this article, we’ll walk you through connecting your Mr Yum account with Lexer, allowing you to include customer orders and purchase data into profiles in the hub.

Benefits of a Mr Yum integration

Integrating your Mr Yum account with Lexer provides a number of benefits, such as:

  • Allowing insights into new customers so you can continue to acquire more customers.
  • Seeing the most popular categories and target these to specific segments with offers and deals.
  • Finding customer ordering patterns to identify loyalty factors.
  • Determining average spend, and segment these customers by high, medium, and low value.
  • Using your Mr Yum segments to inform pricing and promotional decisions.

Integration in a nutshell

Here’s a summary of how Mr Yum integrates with Lexer:

What direction does the data flow?
✅ Data in: POS data to enrich profiles on Lexer.
⬜️ Data out: N/A – Lexer does not send data back into Mr Yum.
Lexer’s integration with this product allows you to pull data into the hub from these sources.
✅ POS data
Source method
How the system connects with Lexer.
Is this integration live and working?
✅ Full release
Lexer product compatibility
What Lexer products is the integration compatible with?
✅ Activate
✅ Compare
✅ Segment
✅ Track
⬜️ Listen
⬜️ Respond
⬜️ Serve
What attributes are created when Mr Yum is integrated with Lexer?
✅ Mr Yum Record
✅ Total Spend (POS)
✅ Average Spend Per Product (POS)
✅ Mr Yum Product Name
✅ Mr Yum Product Category Section
✅ Mr Yum Product category Name
✅ Product Description

How do I integrate my account?

To set-up your integration with Mr Yum start by navigating to Manage > Integrations in the top navigation bar of the Lexer hub.


Once you’re in Integrations, follow the steps indicated in the screenshot above.

  1. Find Mr Yum and click on the tile.

  2. Click on INTEGRATE MRYUM.

  3. Fill out the details in the DETAILS OF YOUR MR YUM ACCOUNT section.

    1. Account name: Your preferred name for the integration.
    2. Description: Label your integration to help your team identify it. For example, for different geographic regions.
    3. API Key: Request this key from Mr Yum. Email [email protected]
      This may have already been sent to you when you set up your account with Mr Yum.
    4. API Region: If unsure, request this from Mr Yum along with the API key.
  4. Once you have filled out the required fields, click SAVE INTEGRATION at the bottom of the page.


The final step

Once you've added the details of your Mr Yum account to the Mr Yum tile in the Hub, please contact your Success Manager, or Lexer Support ([email protected]) to complete your Mr Yum setup and configuration.

Connecting your Mr Yum account with Lexer

Congratulations, your account should now be integrated in Lexer. We've gone through what Mr Yum is, the type of integration it is, its benefits, and how to integrate it. There's a lot of steps to follow here and if you feel stuck or confused please don't hesitate to reach out to Lexer Support ([email protected]) if you need any help.