Salesforce Interaction Studio (beta)



The Salesforce Interaction Studio integration is currently in beta - if you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to test it out for us. 😊
As with all beta tests, not everything will be perfect. If you run into any issues, please let your Success team member know!

Connect your Salesforce Interaction Studio account with Lexer

Salesforce Interaction Studio (SFIS) is a personalization tool, and is part of the Salesforce enterprise stack. It works with other tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud to drive your personalization and customer interaction use cases.

Connecting your SFIS account with Lexer will allow you to push your attribute and transaction data into SFIS, so you can personalize your SFMC campaigns.

Benefits of a Salesforce Interaction Studio integration

Integrating your SFIS account with Lexer provides a number of benefits, and these include:

  • Improved campaign engagement through better personalization, especially for SFMC users.
  • Personalized web stores and other assets using Lexer data to create rules for personalization.
  • Support as a native integration.

Integration in a nutshell

Here's a summary of how SFIS integrates with Lexer:

What direction does the data flow?
⬜️ Data in: N/A — Lexer does not take data in from SFIS.
✅ Data out: Enriched customer segments ready for activation.
Lexer’s integration with this product allows you to pull data into the hub from these sources.
N/A (because Lexer does not take data in from SFIS)
Source method
How the system connects with Lexer.
Destination method
How Lexer connects with the system.
✅ File (SFTP)
Is this integration live and working?
✅ Beta
Lexer product compatibility
What Lexer products is the integration compatible with?
✅ Activate
⬜️ Compare
⬜️ Listen
⬜️ Respond
⬜️ Segment
⬜️ Serve
⬜️ Track

How do I integrate my account?

Our Salesforce Interaction Studio integration uses SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to receive data. For more information on how this works, refer to this article here.

Please note that the SFTP is client hosted, so you may need help from your IT team or Salesforce Partner to assist with the setup, and provide the required SFTP details.

  1. Navigate to Manage > Integrations.
  2. Find and select Salesforce Interaction Studio, then click Integrate Salesforce Interaction Studio.
  3. Enter the required fields:
    1. Account Name - give your integration a name.
    2. SFTP Host URL - the Host URL of your SFTP bucket.
    3. SFTP Username
    4. SFTP Password
  4. Then click Save Integration.

Once this has been completed your SFIS account is connected in Lexer and ready to use!

How do I activate to Salesforce Interaction Studio?


Lexer tip!

The attributes we send to Salesforce Interaction Studio are pre-defined. Please discuss with your Lexer Success manager what attributes you would like sent.

In the hub, navigate to Engage > Activate.

  1. Click New Activation.
  2. Select the appropriate account for this activation.
  3. Add your Segment; in this example we have added Active Customers. At the bottom of the page you can see the number of profiles in this segment.
  4. Complete the activations Settings section. Add an Activation Name (the activation name that you will find in the hub). Check the Ongoing Activation box if you want this activation to run daily, and check the Notify me box if you wish to be notified when it runs.
  5. Measurement will default to append audience name to activated profiles to track the Profiles in this activation. In most cases it is helpful to leave this ticked.
  6. Agree to the terms.
  7. Click Run Activation.

Connecting your Salesforce Interaction Studio account with Lexer

Congratulations, your account should now be integrated and ready to activate in Lexer! We've gone through what SFIS is, the type of integration it is, its benefits, and how to integrate and activate it. There's a lot of steps to follow here and if you feel stuck or confused please don't hesitate to reach out to Lexer Support ([email protected]) if you need any help.