Connect your Magento account.

You can connect your Magento account with Lexer, this will permit Lexer to import your contacts from Magento as enriched Profiles as well as create and update contact email lists.

Benefits of a Magento integration

  • Import your contacts as enriched Profiles

How do I integrate my account?

To connect your Magento account, you first need to collect your Magento Server URL and generate an Access Token within your Magento Portal. Once this has been created, you can copy and paste these into Lexer.

Configuring your Magento Access Token

Magento allows you to customize the API access to integrations. When generating the Access Token you will need to set some specific permissions, referred to as Resource Access in Magento.

Below are the recommended settings for the Lexer integration. Please check all the following (image below for reference);

  • Sales
    • Operations
      • Orders
        • Actions
          • View
  • Catalog
    • Inventory
      • Products
        • Categories
  • Customers
    • All Customers
      • Customer Groups
  • Reports
    • Marketing
      • Shopping Cart
        • Products in Cart
        • Abandoned Cart
      • Search Terms
      • Newsletter Problem Reports
    • Sales
      • Orders
      • Tax
      • Invoiced
      • Shipping
      • Refunds
      • Coupons
      • Paypal Settlement
        • View
        • Fetch
      • Braintree Settlement
    • Products
      • Views
      • Bestsellers
      • Low Stock
      • Ordered
      • Downloads
  • Stores
    • Settings
      • All Stores
      • Attributes
        • Product
        • Attribute Set
        • Ratings
        • Swatches

Connect Magneto with Lexer

Now you have your Access Token and Server URL, head to your Lexer Hub, then navigate to MANAGE > INTEGRATIONS.

  1. Select the Magento tile
  2. Click Integrate Magento
  3. Enter the name of the Magento Server you're connecting
  4. Paste in your Server URL and Access Token
  5. Then click Save Integration.

This integration works by providing Lexer with your existing API token and secrets and allowing Lexer to make these imports on your behalf. In some cases, setting up a new Magento integration will require communications with Magento, or Admin permissions within your Server. If you are unsure, contact Magento Support or your Magento account manager for assistance.

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