Google Display and Video 360

Although Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) does not offer a direct integration with Lexer - You can target your audiences to DV360 via your existing Google Ads integration.

This is done through sharing your audience list from Google Ads to DV360.

The steps are:

  1. Integrate Google Ads with Lexer
  2. Configure your Google Ads account to link to DV360
  3. Google Ads will then open terms for sharing your Audience List to DV360

Integrate your Google Ads account

When integrating your Google Ads account, you will be prompted to login using a Gmail account. Make sure you login to the correctly linked Gmail account. This could be a personal Gmail, or a business Gmail.


Navigate to Lexer Integrate, and you’ll see a range of supported integrations. We’re going to select Google Ads.


Click the Google Ads integration button.


Enter the appropriate Gmail account, and login.


Here are more specific instructions to set-up your Google Ads integration and creating your Audience List / Segments in Lexer.


The final step

Once you've added the details of your Google ads account to the Google ads tile in the Hub, please contact your Success Manager, or Lexer Support ([email protected]) to complete your Google ads setup and configuration.

Link Google Ads to DV360 to share audience lists

You can then look for more instructions on allowing permission to share your audiences from Google Ads to Google DV360 here.