Connect your HubSpot account with Lexer

You can connect your HubSpot account with Lexer, this will permit Lexer to import your contacts from HubSpot as enriched Profiles.

Benefits of a HubSpot integration

  • Import your contacts as enriched Profiles

How do I integrate my account?



In order to integrate your HubSpot account into Lexer, you require Super Admin status within HubSpot. Read here for more info.

Select the HubSpot tile, click Integrate HubSpot, and enter your HubSpot credentials to login.

Send an email list to HubSpot

This article will guide to send Profiles from Lexer to HubSpot, or to create and update lists within HubSpot.

Before you get started, make sure you’ve done the following:

Sending your audience to HubSpot

When you’re ready to send your Segment to HubSpot, navigate to Lexer Activate.

  2. Select the appropriate HubSpot account for this activation
  3. Add your Segment
  4. Select either create new audience, or update an existing audience in HubSpot
  5. Check the appropriate list action – in most cases, you’ll just want to maintain your list
  6. Select which properties you’d like to update, if you don’t want to update any, leave this set to Don’t send
    We 7. Check the Terms and Conditions box, and click SEND AUDIENCE

Set and forget - auto-updating audiences

Lexer Activate permits you to automatically update your lists within HubSpot. With this selected, Lexer will add or remove tags within lists in HubSpot, as customers enter and leave your Segment. This is best suited for Segments that receive regular emails outside of your standard marketing materials, such as high value customers.

Okay I’ve sent my audience, what next?

The moment your activation has been confirmed as sent in Activate, you’ll see records begin to update in HubSpot. The list won’t be fully updated until after you receive a confirmation email from Lexer, advising the activation has completed.

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