InMoment (formerly MaritzCX)

Connect your InMoment account

When you connect your InMoment account, you are connecting to an SFTP hosted by InMoment. This connection will allow you to send customer Segments to InMoment for survey outreach.

You will need to contact InMoment first to setup your SFTP, they will provide you with a username, and password.

Once you've connected your InMoment account, contact Lexer Support ([email protected]) to configure your Activation.

Benefits of an InMoment integration

Integrating your InMoment account with Lexer provides a number of benefits, such as:

  • Sync your Lexer Segments with InMoment to instantly append recipients to your survey

How do I integrate InMoment?

  1. Select the InMoment tile
  3. Enter the name of the account / SFTP you're connecting
  4. Enter the username and password provided to you by InMoment


The final step

Once you've added the details of your InMoment account to the InMoment tile in the Hub, please contact your Success Manager, or Lexer Support ([email protected]) to complete your InMoment setup and configuration.

Sending your data to InMoment

InMoment facilitates the delivery and capture of survey results. Through this activation you will be able to instantly append Lexer Segments as recipients of these surveys. If you have a survey ready to go simply include it's unique code in the name of your file (see step 5).

If you are yet to create a Survey, or if you forget to include the survey code in your file name that's not a problem. Once you send your Segment from Lexer, it will sit waiting in the _Ready folder within your InMoment SFTP.

If after sending your audience and including your Survey code you do not see the audience appear, contact InMoment's CX support teams here.

  1. Click ACTIVATE NEW AUDIENCE to get started
  2. Select the appropriate InMoment config
  3. Add your Segment(s)
  4. Update the audience name, this will become the name of your file
  5. Be sure to include your survey's unique code in the file name
    1. When the file lands in the _Ready folder, InMoment will scan for any existing survey codes. If they find a match it should automatically populate the audience with your Segment
  6. Agree to terms, and click SEND AUDIENCE