LinkedIn Company Page

Connect your LinkedIn Company Page

You can connect your LinkedIn Company Page to monitor and reply to comments on your shares in Respond, as well as schedule organic shares to your feed from Schedule. Integrating your page must be done by one of your page admins, and is connected in Integrate.

Benefits of a LinkedIn integration

  • Monitor LinkedIn posts and comments in Listen and Respond
  • Respond to posts and comments in Respond
  • Schedule and publish shares in Outbox

How do I integrate my account?

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Select the LinkedIn tile, click Integrate LinkedIn account, and sign in with your email and password.

Specify Groups (who in your team should have access to this), and click Save integration.

What LinkedIn data is available?

All shares and comments published to and by your LinkedIn Company Page after integrating will appear in Listen and Respond in real time. Your most recent 100 shares from the last 90 days will begin backloading over the next 24 hours. Shares will appear quickly, with comments taking longer to appear.

Note that the LinkedIn API does not currently allow us to consume tagged mentions of your account, or to search across all of LinkedIn, to look for keywords or authors the same way do for other social channels. Only content published to or by your Page will appear in the Lexer Hub.

Publishing Shares to LinkedIn is currently limited to Text, Links, and Image content. Video Shares are in closed beta and will be supported once they become available to all applications. Only organic posts can be created from Lexer - all boosting of content is done in LinkedIn.

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