Connect your LiveRamp account

When you connect your LiveRamp account, you are connecting to an SFTP hosted by LiveRamp. This allows you to send customer data to LiveRamp, to match and build segments for retargeting across the LiveRamp network.

You will need to contact LiveRamp first to setup your SFTP, they will provide you with a username, password and user. You can refer to LiveRamp's documentation here, under Upload a File via LiveRamp's SFTP.

Once you've connected your account contact Lexer Support ([email protected]) to configure your Activation.

Benefits of a LiveRamp integration

  • Create retargeting segments using your customer data
  • Suppress recently converted customers from retargeting campaigns

How do I integrate my account?

  1. Select the LiveRamp tile
  2. Click Integrate LiveRamp account
  3. Enter your LiveRamp username, this should be the email address you login to LiveRamp with
  4. Enter your provided User, this will look something like lexer-au
  5. Enter your SFTP password
  6. Click Save Integration

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